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DGT uses automated means to detect vehicles that are circulating sin seguro obligatorio

- The aim is that approximately 2 million vehicles driving without insurance, subscribe to the appropriate policy
- The breach of this obligation generates a great harm to society and especially to people who suffer an accident
- The owners without insurance face fines ranging between 600 and 3,000 euros, the deposit and immobilisation of the vehicle. Last year 50,000 fines were imposed
- A tourist driving without insurance is fined 1,500 euros and 2,800 buses and trucks

February 2, 2016.
Around two million vehicles on our public roads have not signed the compulsory automobile insurance, a policy required by the Act on civil liability and insurance in the circulation of motor vehicles in order to respond pecuniàriament personal damages and materials that are generated in case of accident.

In order to detect the movement of vehicles without insurance, the Traffic Department is checking through automated means of monitoring and control installed in road vehicles circulating them have contracted this policy. It is, approximately 10% of the fleet calculated on vehicles registered since 1996. the owners who have insured the vehicle load on the rest of the citizens' financial liability for the damage they cause to their vehicles in case of accident. the compulsory insurance premium

automobile must sign all owners of vehicles containing a charge of 3.5 euros spent on the Insurance Compensation Consortium (CCS) meet the costs caused by uninsured vehicles.

As damages and compensation paid by the agency to ensure the vehicles we all pay.

This organization is facing, responsible alternative, the payment in case of accident and ensuring compensation for damages arising to persons and goods, in cases where the owner of the vehicle involved in the accident have not signed compulsory insurance.

The implications arising from the breach of this obligation generate great harm to society, particularly to people who suffer an accident with a vehicle owner is not insured.

The owners of vehicles that have not signed the compulsory accident insurance face immobilisation and deposit the same and fines ranging from 601 to 3,005 euros fine, depending on the type of vehicle and other circumstances. The 2015, DGT processed about 50,000 complaints a circular vehicle that had no compulsory insurance.

For example, a circular moped without insurance compulsory means $ 1,000 penalty. In the case of € 1 250 motorcycles, cars and € 1,500 in the case of trucks or buses the amount rises to € 2,800.

Under the law, the competent authorities are obliged to impose penalties handed Insurance Compensation Consortium 50% of the amount of penalties collected for this provision to deal with compensation for victims of accidents if the vehicle involved in the accident have not signed the policy.


The indicators related to traffic from 2015 show that there is a sustained increase in the mobility of motor vehicles, which implies greater exposure to risk.

This factor is added that despite the upward trend in registrations of new vehicles, the average age of the park is still very high and increasing. According to various reports of the DGT, vehicles with more than 10 years antiquity are not only more vulnerable to accidents, but also the consequences are more serious for the occupants.