NURIA ARBOLES Seguros y servicios-Assenur Insurance and services SANT CUGAT DEL VALLES Barcelona

Life insurance

Help you assess the capital you need to cover debts and analyzing the income you have, deciding whether you just want to cover debts (mortgages, loans) that have contracted or would cover a specific capital requirements based on these personal or Family. VERY GOOD FOR LIFE INSURANCE PREMIUMS. ASK.

You can hire the following coverages:

- Death varying degrees of disability, funeral expenses, double and triple capital in case of accident and traffic accident, myocardial infarction, driving large displacement motorcycle and some types of sports.
- Saving products for you or for your children (curricula)

We help you plan your investments, personal or family through the following instruments:


nsured Pension Plan (PPP)
Insurance Individual Savings Largo Plaza (SIALP) Fully Exempt Income Tax *
Individual Savings Plan systematic (PIAS) Rendimiento completely tax free *
Other investment products fully guaranteed


Unit Linked
Pension Plans
Investment Funds

* They must fulfill certain requirements. Us.

- Accident Insurance
- Funeral insurance. From € 3.73 / month
- Home Insurance. Tenant insurance from € 75 / year
- Insurance Community
- Insurance of automobiles (cars, motorcycles, scooters, quads, vans ...)
- Insurance for boats, caravans ...
- Pet Insurance
- Insurance for cyclists
- Health insurance
- Travel assistance Insurance
- Insurance Defense Law (particularly community automóvil ...)
- Insurance unpaid rent