NURIA ARBOLES Seguros y servicios-Assenur Insurance and services SANT CUGAT DEL VALLES Barcelona
We work in the world of insurance and savings since 1996 with annual training plans and specific assistance conferencing continues to see new legislation at all times and to properly advise our clients. In addition, we do not just advise only look Aseguradora or planning savings or investment, but we go further, taking into account aspects of tax, labor, etc.


Transparency and clarity in explaining the financial and insurance products are key for us, since the "fine print" of a contract of insurance or savings is great and it is our job to explain it well customers.

Attendance at the time of a claim or benefit is the most important for us, especially to explain to the client the scope of coverage has contracted when the accident happens or service and fight for their rights against insurers experts or professionals involved in/the same/a.

Be Corredora means there is total independence when advised product at the beginning of the relationship with the client, and when processing any incident. We work with several companies, without any link there, which clearly benefits the customer. And all this at no extra cost. SERVICES CONTRACT WITH AN / A BROKER / DOES NOT PAY MORE. Compovi it! 

Legal information

- Authorized by the Directorate General of Insurance and Financial Policy of the Government of Catalonia Treasury F238GC number.

- The Collegiate Association of Insurance Intermediaries of Barcelona with number 76240.

- Customer Service Department hired through the Insurance Brokers Association of Barcelona. If you will need can be directed to the address Ps. San Juan, 33 08010 Barcelona 932153223 phone and / or email The person responsible for it is Ms. Olga Castillo.

- Concerted Liability Insurance according to Art. 27.1e of the Law on Insurance Mediation 26/2006 of 17 July

- Concerted suretyship insurance according to Art. 27.1f of the Law on Insurance Mediation 26/2006 of 17 July.

- Contracted Service of Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism by the General Council of Colleges Insurance Intermediaries, according to Law 10/2010 of 28 April, Royal Decree 304/2014 of 5 May, which is 'approves the regulation of law 10/2010 of 28 April.

- Service Contracts Act by the General Council of Colleges Insurance Intermediaries.