NURIA ARBOLES Seguros y servicios-Assenur Insurance and services SANT CUGAT DEL VALLES Barcelona

Planning savings and investments:

Advice on hiring:

  • Gathering information about the personal and financial situation of our client/a i on / s product / s you already have.
  • Presentation of the most ventatjoses by the customer, based on profitability, liquidity and coverage you want or need, taking into account the tax implications that may have for the customer/a.
  • Assistance if necessary, of consultants specializing in the presentation of products.
  • Cotractació the policy or investment product processing and transfer of savings products.
  • Monitoring of the contracted product or new, to adapt to the financial market.

Providing advice on:

  • Receiving customer request (extraordinary contributions, increase of contribution, contribution paralysis, redemption or maturity of the policy, changes in portfolios of investment funds, etc.).
  • Follow until the client / to have received the benefit.


Advice on hiring
and portfolio monitoring

    • Analysis according to the needs exposed by the client.
    • Study of the policies taken by the customer / a, to proceed with the evaluation of the adequacy of the same or maintenance of hedges and capital if successful
    • Customer Presentation / to proposals based on objective analysis conducted with a sufficient minimum insurance companies.
    • Processing cancellation policy/ies previous
    • Issuance of / policies / as new / s and hand delivery or shipment by mail or email
    • Portfolio monitoring.
    • Processing and resolution of claims
    • Reception and opening the company's claim communicated by the customer / a
    • Commissioned survey or sending professionals having to repair
    • Monitoring of the incident and carrying out all the necessary steps for a total customer satisfaction / a.
    • Checking the correct closing of the accident.

    All these procedures can be performed by telephone, mail, web or in person.